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igmarketsHi! :) I’m Reg and welcome to my site on Forex Trading for newbies.  Personally I have been trading the markets for over 24 years and have practical trading experience in many areas from speculative small cap stocks, blue chip stocks, binary options, buying and writing put and call options, designing and trading with my own algorithmic trading systems (called forex robots out there in the “Click bank” scene”, trading forex for a living.  I have read many books and attended many courses, webinars, seminars online and offline.  I have done the broker round robin setting up accounts with many brokers after one reason or another and endured many brokers poor service, poor data feed, manipulation and more.  I have read many books and been on many forex trader forums in my time spending countless hours of self research and practical trading using REAL money.  The Forex market is full of  hype, BS, fake postings of profits using demo accounts and untold grave yards of forex robot systems that have been tried, tested and run for some brief moment in time only to have the forex trading account blow up in the operators face … I’ve been there and have experienced an account that has seen glowing trading results for some months and then … Bang! the market conditions have changed and the once profitable trading system has blown up like a puff of smoke along with my real money test account.  I make no bones about it, forex trading is very hard.  It takes a lot of time, patience and persistence to get going and some people can experience intense frustration to get started in a real money account.  Others may be frustrated at the “small” profits and start losing their patience to then trading bigger “lot” sizes and increasing the risks.  Others may go into the forex market without a plan and feel over confident.  Whatever may be the case, the forex market has an uncanny ability to sort the players in the market out and deal with those forex traders that have not armed themselves sufficiently with the right forex trading strategy.   In the end as they say, the market is always right.  Its up to the new trader to have a plan, trade the plan and follow the ebb and flow of the market and not try and outwit the market.  At the other side of the trade is another trader and of course they are also trying to profit from your misfortune as they are transacting against your decisions.

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Welcome to my site once again… FX Geeks was first registered over 8 years ago!

Take your time to work through the site, theres a LOT!! of videos and articles that I have uploaded and a lot of time has been spent into delivering the most information for your needs.

Safe and profitable trading.

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The areas of particular focus the site will cover includes topics in forex such as:

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Risk Disclaimer: Trading foreign exchange carries high risk and you should only be trading with what is defined as risk capital ie. money you can afford to lose.  That your lifestyle is not going to be affected one tiny bit and you will have losing trades.  Don’t put extra pressure on yourself by trading with money other than risk capital in the forex markets.  Forex trading is a high risk activity using leveraged accounts that can substantially affect the risk and reward ratios of each trade.  I am not aware of your financial circumstances and don’t make recommendation in this website to engage in the practice of forex or binary trading, CFD trading, Options trading and all and any financial instrument available in markets and being offered by forex brokers.

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